Refubrished Multifunctional Devices

Direct Office stocks late model, low meter refurbished copy machines at unbeatable prices. The only machines we refurbish are the ones that have endured and surpassed our extensive and thorough quality tests. We provide refurbished copiers that are on average 75% cheaper than buying one brand new.

All of our refurbished copiers are hand selected by Qqalified Direct Office Technical Team.
• We sell only late model machines that have a proven track record of reliability
• We select machines with the lowest meter readings obtainable
• 99% of our machines are lease or rental returns or repossessed equipment
• Each machine is tested. than disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and inspected by our technicians
• After inspection parts replacement is performed based on a rigid set of standards.
• The machine is then reassembled and every function is tested
• Any adjustments needed to insure flawless copy quality are now performed
• After a final cleaning & inspection the machine is carefully packed for delivery
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